Complaint: Incorrect Order Coupon Issues Unprofessional Rude Staff

on 26 November 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I called to place an order. The young man answered the phone “Yeah”. I told him approximately 3 times that I wanted a large pizza half meat lovers half cheese. Then he asked, “Is that a pizza?” I emphasized no garlic sauce. I presented them with a coupon that shouldn’t expire until December 30,2020 however the manager (Willam) said that the system wouldn’t accept it. I asked him could he over ride it. He said, “No” and looked at me and said “So?” I told him I still wanted the pizza. He told the young man who was initially working the window to complete the order. The employee became distracted when the phone rang and closed the window. Once he was finished taking the order it took awhile to get his attention to get the pizza. He did apologize for this. However, the pizza was completely hamburger (with some of the edges burnt). I told him that the order was incorrect and that I wanted the monies returned to my card. Another employee asked me what was wrong. Then the manager came and stood with the other two employees at the window. He was telling him as the employee was closing the window, “That’s not half cheese.” Then the manager opened the window and said, “That is what came up on the screen.” I mean as a manger he did not apologize for the employee who appeared to be in training (because he had to ask how to do everything). I told him that he got the order wrong it should have been half meat lovers and half cheese (that I order the same kind of pizza every time that I go there). The manger then nonchalantly said, “ You can park I can fix you another one one and it will about 20 minutes). I told him that I wanted the money placed back on my card. He mentioned again about preparing another pizza. I had to say sternly that I wanted the money refunded to my card. He closed the window and completed the transaction. Then the initial employee opened the window and told me it was done. I asked him for a receipt to reflect that. He came back and said he wasn’t able to print the receipt. I asked him to ask his manager to. The manger said the same thing. I asked him could he hand write it please. He printed out a three or four digit number and told me that was the order number. I told him if for some reason I didn’t see the money back in my account that slip didn’t have a date, what the order was, the amount to be refunded, nor a signature. He wrote my name, my telephone number, carry out and put in parentheses (bad order), the price and time and voided. He also included his initials. The initial employee did not apologize.

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Suggested solution:

They need to apologize for the order being incorrect. Also, in a professional manner offer a free pizza because of the inconvenience. They also need to inquire from the general manager about why the coupon wouldn’t work (and if they are not going to try to honor the coupons they need to stop including them in the local newspapers). The coupon specifically indicated the Kingstree Domino’s and another location.

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