Complaint: I’m Still waiting on my DELIVERY !!!

on 04 September 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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On 09022020 11:25pm My son and I made an online Order to Dominos Pizza so we got the coupon deal   ,,,,,,,
1 Medium (12) Hand Tossed PizzaPhilly Steak, Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Cheese
1 Medium (12) Thin PizzaRobust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Cheese 
1 16-Piece Parmesan Bread Bites
1 2-Liter Sprite®1 Cinnamon Bread Twists Icing
for $26.14 nice we thought so bam we made the Order at   11:29Pm and Dominos closes at 12:00 Midnight ok so the Approximately 17-27 minutes Delivery Time, so there’s time so now we wait …  Then I get a text that my food is on the way …. then that the delivery guy is in my neighborhood will arrive shortly  , by this point my son and I are getting reedy MMMM Pizza … then the best text came it say’s ( Get ready! Deliver Guy is pulling up now (it was 12:03 Midnight) ) .. so we go out side and sit on the table in front my house and wait …… wait ……..wait…. …wait…by that time it was 12:08 Midnight I text back ( I don’t see him ) got a quick text back saying (I’m sorry to hear that. To make sure we resolve your issue please contact your local store, otherwise you can contact us at https:feywy.comd4Ymuq95DE) So now the following day I call Dominos to find out where’s my Order you know…I explane to the woman on the phone that I had made an Order last night and I had not got my Order yet,  tells me (oh my  let me take your number and ill call you back because the manager that was working last night did not mention anything to her and his not around now so let me call him and ill call you back… ok then I hung up … Hours go by now its 10:30pm and I called back and had ask so what happened she replayed well I didn’t get to talk to him but did talk to the Deliver Guy says to her that he did went by and not only that that he pass by but did 2times… no way he didn’t I told her as I got the last text that his arriving shortly my son I wait it sitting down in front of the house for hours for him to show so no he did not pass by she replayed  if you like you can call in the morning and talk with the manager I was like ……….. yeah I said as a manager its his duty to make shore the Customer get there food  on time …. I’m so bother with this..

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I think my son and I should get the deal free for a very very late Delivery

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