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on 28 November 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I walked in person and ordered a manager special specifically stating that I wanted The buttery garlic crust the manager was the one working she said of course then she told me your pizza be ready in 15 minutes I went outside sat in my car outside of the doorway she never brought me my pizza so I finally went in and said can I have my pizza and she handed it to me so there was no curbside delivery then I get all the way home to find out that my pizza has no buttery garlic crust it is dry and nasty so when I call there to tell them that my pizza is not right and Hispanic gentlemen answers the phone it just keeps saying okay okay I asked for the manager and he hung up on me I called back a woman answered the phone and as soon as she was told she messed up my pizza she started yelling at me so I of course ended up yelling at her she ended up trying to tell me I could bring the pizza back to her so that she could figure out what’s wrong I just told her what was wrong she did not put The buttery garlic crust on my pizza after I specifically asked her to her face to put it on there first of all I guess they think gas is free because asking me to get back up and come back to your store with this pizza would cost me another five to ten dollars you are Domino’s Pizza if you mess up my pizza you’re in the delivery game you should be able to do come bring me the correct pizza and pick up your nasty Pizza but instead she’s screaming match with me so I told her I would call the better business bureau and file a complaint with the consumers affairs she said go ahead and hung up on me I called back because she had given me the wrong number for the Domino’s corporate office and Hispanic gentleman answered the phone and the game started I am so disappointed in the staff at this location I am completely disappointed in the woman who caused herself a manager she has no business in this line of work and should be fired immediately they are not practicing safety or sanitation nobody washed their hands the whole time I was there she didn’t wash your hands after she made the pizzas before she helped me and she didn’t wash hands after she helped me and went back to making pizzas the guy that left the bathroom did not wash his hands before he went back around to the counter and started messing with stuff he should have sanitized his hands as soon as he went around that counter

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I want my money back I don't want credits I will never go to Domino's at that location again they are horrible horrible people and I would just like them to return the money they stole off my credit card that's it

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