Complaint: have not resolved on issue with $3.00 they owe and refused to make my or right.

on 18 February 2021 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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On 21321 I placed an order online from my email address like I do at least 3 times a month. When placing the order the time for our order was 20-25 min. It came within 40 min. Fine got our food. I ordered 2 med pizzas with 2 toppings on each. Also I ordered 3 Ranch dressings that I order everything also I don’t eat your pizza without. Delicious! And looking forward to it. Also the last of my order was hot and spicy chicken bites. When my order came late it was missing my 3 Ranch dressings. I tried to get the drivers attention to get them from her but to no avail. So next I called the store and they told me they would have someone bring them to me but no one showed up after about a half an hour no one came so I called back. This time the same voice of a man said to me hold on a min. I said ok. Next a woman gets on the phone to hear my problem that have to explain again after now being about an hour and 45 min into ordering of line nd paying cash to the driver. The I say to the woman on the phone that I would like to be reimbursed for my cold pizza that I still haven’t eaten mu yet because I am still waiting for my ranch dressing that I still don’t have what I ordered and paid paid for. She told my she will not reimburse me because I left my pizza sit without eating and left it get cold. That she she would only reimburse me my ranch so now 2 and a half hours later I threw whole pizza away because I am the only one in my house who eats sausage and pepperoni. The other one had bacon and meat. Now not only was I ripped $3.00 they owe me for I paid for was expecting to eat my pizza with your ranch dipping sauce. Its the only way I eat it and you employee told me its not her fault I can’t eat what I ordered and paid for and I a whole pie went in the garbage. Now I’m out $10.00 and you are Dominoes store is not only thrives they are also very deceptive and ignorant. In 4 years of giving your company a lot of my money. All I want is to be made right. Not to mention how disguised disquisted this makes my I am starving sitting typing this complained. That’s just not right!

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All I am looking for is my $10 back out of a $26 order. Like I said just the pizza $5.99 that I threw away because they never brought my ranch dressing I always order everything. The way I like your products that I enjoy. So now I paid my bill and they hustled $3.00 out of me also. I paid for a product they didn't supply a refund or product either along with horrible treatment to a customer who get what they pay for and then starves after paying for it.

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