Dominos Pizza complaint: Harassment/threats

on 12 September 2023 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I Bradley Livingston was working yesterday on September 11, 2023 between the hours 5pm – 10pm on Monday. The store manager name Jason was hostile to a black man customer that tried to explain to Jason that one of the drivers went to wrong address that customer never received order he wanted a refund. The situation gotten very bad Jason provoked the customer telling customer he disrespectful and pointing his finger at the customer than threatening the customer with police when the customer wanted his refund. And all throughout my shift Jason kept raising his voice when I explained to him there’s problems with the computer and it’s not properly working and day before the power went out there was issues with the app same thing the customer explained to Jason. Last night Jason kept harassing me I told him one of the drivers delegating orders to me sweeping floors when I haven’t gotten no help loading and stocking both coolers with sodas that was completely empty and I told Jason I had enough of harassment I gotten money from customers orders asked Jason how much I owed him he refused to collect my money when I was leaving than he threatened police on me than I headed out he stands in front of my vehicle his demeanor is very bad. I told police when they came to my house that manager been drinking he was very hostile whole time I was working my shift

Suggested solution:

That manager needs to be terminated he violated my rights and hipaa act. The work environment was hostile towards an employee driver

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