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I do not feel respected as an authoritative in this store anymore. I’ve been receiving ongoing harassment from another assistant manager, Nina Pham. Nina refuses to communicate effectively with me while I run my shifts. The main incident that led me to consider quitting was when I was running my shift on June 11th, 2020. It was my closing shift, and when I clocked in I saw Nina was on the clock for over eight hours (which means she was being paid overtime). Since the labor was steadily increasing to 24% labor (goal labor is 21.5% or under), and there were four managers already clocked in, I told Nina, “You’re good to go home.Thank you.” She ignored me when I requested her to clock out. I told her twice more, and she still continued to ignore me. A driver, Binh, came to my defense and said to her “Chloe told you to clock out.” She was really mad at the driver and I, and exclaimed “Excuse me?!” In order to de-escalate the situation, we did not ask her to clock out anymore. She stood around for fifteen minutes talking to another assistant, Kenneth while on the clock before finally clocking out.
There have been numerous instances where I have given requests to staff while I was in charge of running my closing shift, and Nina would go against my authority in an effort to belittle my power as a manager. For example, on July 18th, 2020, I gave a driver, Jerod, a request to clock out (because it was the end of his shift and I was trying to keep labor stable}, but when Nina overheard me say this and yelled “You’re not going home. Don’t clock out.” A similar situation happened on July 25th, when I told both Kenneth and Nina that the driver, Binh, was going home.Nina immediately went to the dispatch screen and dispatched Binh on two more deliveries seconds before he clocked out. I spoke with Fabiola about this situation and she said she would talk to Nina and remind her that the closing manager is in charge of management of staff.
I spoke with the general manager, Fabiola Gonzalez, and Nina together to try and resolve Nina’s issue with me running my shift. At first, Nina denied having any personal issues with me. However, when I mentioned the incident I stated above with the driver, Jerod, on July 18, 2020, she became furious and stated that “[Chloe] is always on her phone, she never helps make the food on makeline, she wastes time, and she’s a bad manager.” She then proceeded to state to Fabiola “I don’t understand why she’s so bad at her job when I’ve been working here way less and am a way better manager.” This language and attitude made me very uncomfortable and anxious because I do not know where all of this resentment came from. I have many other employees who are able to debunk these claims against my character as a manager: Jasmine Hernandez {assistant manager}, Jerod Moreno {driver}, Binh Lu {driver}, Philip Wagner {driver}, Andrew Ko {driver}, and Johnathan Brimmer {customer service representative}.

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The general manager needs to hold Nina Pham accountable for her harassment. Nina has not received any warning or write ups for her behavior towards me.

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