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on 07 July 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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On July 6th 2020, I place an online order at the Dominos located at 3484 Boston Road, The Bronx, NY, USA. I placed the order after 7:00 PM. At around 7:57 PM the Dominos tracker indicated that my order was ready and that the employee was on it’s way to my location. At around 9:30 PM I tried more then once to call the store to see where my order was. No matter how many times I called, no one picked up the phone. I tried to look on the Dominos website to find other alternatives to contact someone regarding this issue but the website indicated that I needed to call the store directly. At around 10:00 pm the online tracker indicated that I received my order. I tried to call the store again however no one picked up, instead I was placed on hold while listening to a Bunch of specials the company has to offer. I stayed on the phone with Dominos as I requested myself an Uber to take me to the stores location. When I arrived to the store, I am still on hold and by this time 30 minutes has passed. When one of the employees come to take my order I explained to him my situation and I asked how come no one is picking up the phone I can clearly hear the phone ringing in their store and it’s me who is calling. The Employee tells me that the driver tried to call me but he did not receive an answer. I stated to him that was impossible because I did not receive a phone call and further more this situation could have been resolved had they picked up the phone, I could have told them I didn’t receive my order. I then asked for a refund! My issue is why tell customers that they can call the stores location when the employees choose to not pick up the phone. They would have kept my money had I not go to the store and even if I didn’t feel like going to the store, I should have been able to request a refund over the phone, however my phone call was being ignored. I have ordered from this location before and on yelp this location has 1.5 stars, I never had an issue like this before happen to me. I don’t know wether they chose not to pick up the phone because they were under staff or they felt overwhelmed but there is no excuse for ignoring customers calls!

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Find a better system for customers to contact the stores location when they have an issue. And instruct your employees to pick up the phone!

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