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on 25 October 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Order ed two pizzas one topping October 12th 2019 picked up 5:34 p.m. for a small Halloween party for my grandkids when time to eat it noticed it was burnt and dried out so with all the other food that they had there we bypassed the pizza 1038 the same night I called Domino’s spoke to the general manager told him the problem gave him the order number phone number that was my daughters who ordered it for us and also gave me my phone number he said he was sorry about that I told him that he could pick him up they weren’t even used I took pictures of them that shows it was 10:53 p.m. at night which meant we didn’t eat them I asked his name and what do we do he said since he was the general manager he would enter it in the books or computer whichever and it was good forever they never expire since it’s just me and my wife that are senior citizens we didn’t need to order two pizzas but on October 15th 2020 we were going to do the same thing use the credit for a small Halloween party for the grandkids but when we called spoke to the manager Anthony told him the story said he couldn’t find any information I told him I have the two pictures showing what they look like and the date and times and you order number phone numbers he says well since I can’t find a good luck trying to get it so that’s why I’m writing this

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Well it's a little late now to make the wrong right I've been the restaurant business for over 40 years either need to train your people better especially a manager one of the biggest things out there is public relations so when I told family members over something so inexpensive the attitude of the manager was unacceptable didn't even try to work with me well the solution been handled the problem when I had it I'm for the general manager to say to me he put it in the book or in the computer he didn't need to give me his name because he was a general manager he said it would be taken care of so it became Pizza hut night so for a couple of pizzas be going through this is also not acceptable very disappointing since my kids use Domino's a lot and my grandkids now Pizza hut tried to add two pictures on your site don't know how you have it set up not sure if they went through since it does ask if you want to add pictures

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