Dominos Pizza complaint: Company causing difficulty

on 25 January 2023 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I used to be a driver for dominos and I was there when they started the $3 tip for carryout and let me be the first to say this did hurt us delivery drivers and the fact that they continue to do this is sickening! We barely make enough to cover cost of repairs and cost of insurance on our vehicle not to mention bills and other cost so you guys decide to make it harder on us!!!

I see now the truth of this company they only care about money and have no regard for the ones that make that money for them they treat employees like crap and make them work overtime hours to be able to live a decent life…it’s horrible it needs to be addressed

Suggested solution:

Show some compassion for the employees that work all the time away from their families to make this company there millions!! Instead of telling them they are replaceable and putting guilt trips on them for being sick and making them work anyways cause they threaten your job!!! If I could rate negative stars I would!!!

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