Complaint: 2nd time BBq chicken has Jalapenos in it.

on 14 November 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Halloween I order 2 pizza’s both pineapple and chicken the difference was one was bbq sause instead. The kids couldn’t eat it because they both tasted spicy. I reached out to dominos and told them they gave me one free pizza for next order. well today I order the same,but this time 1 only for pick up. it was bbq pineapple and chicken. i order and picked it up 20 mins after it was ready. I get there and the guy tells me it’s not ready. that It was gonna be 10 or 20 mins more. he checked again and found my pizza . I open box in front of him and what was my surprise a Jalapeno peace on it. I asked the employee why was there jalapeno on it. he said ooh insist take it off. and he reached over the register to try to take it off him self with his hands. I moved box back and said. your not gonna put grab it with your hands. he just looked at me. . I was very shocked to actually see how unprofessional he was. and very unsatisfy with the jalapeno on my pizza. it was like they did it on purpose to for it to be spicy . even tho I didnt pay for it. thank God I picked it up my self. because If i would’ve had it deliver I would have pay for something my kids can eat again.

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I think you should hired people who are willing to work and follow procedures. not just workers who dont care and work just for the money. not to mention my pizza was spicy and didn't taste well cook. if I end up getting sick you guys will be responsible for serving food this way. I use to enjoy Dominos b4 . now I feel nauseous just looking at my pizzas I've order.

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