Dish Network complaint: Reported a debt to credit report by mistake

on 06 September 2023 about Dish Network in category TV Providers

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My complaint:

An early termination fee of $161.50 was waved by dish in 2018-19 but I noticed it’s on my credit report through a collection agency. I called dish on aug 4th 2023 and a manager in the resolution department assured me it did show it was waved so it was sent to collections by mistake but that she fixed it and it would be removed from credit report in 7-10 business days. Well it’s still on credit report. So I called dish again today September 6th 2023 and they said they had to shift money around between old account and our new account so old account shows a zero balance before they can report to collection agency to remove it but it is up to the agency on when it would be removed! I asked dish for some kind of credit or anything since I’ve been a customer for 10 or more years but they said there was nothing even after I advised them how they have caused me to be denied credit to get my car out of the shop!

Suggested solution:

Get it removed from credit report asap since it should have never been put on there in the first place and they should credit us the same amount of months that it was given to a collection agency! Or pay me $3650.00 for what I was denied to pay the auto shop!

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