Discovery channel complaint: Two males kissing HIV commercial

on 01 November 2022 about Discovery channel in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Let me start by making it clear I am not homophobic I actually am bisexual and have gay male friends but this commercial I seen made my stomach turn for the simple fact the look on my young son’s face I think that really put the nail in the coffin so to speak,I’m tired of watching TV commercial comes on after a cute commercial about Charmin toilet paper (example) and smiling about it and BAM next commercial Hiv sex this and sexual partners that and the cherry on top TWO MALES KISSING EACH OTHER ? Iam in the privacy of my own home on my television and the cable company that I pay more than enough for I tried to stay as humble as possible but this is just enough too far to physically show two men kissing because we adults can understand what that commercial is about BUT you know who wouldn’t really understand or really pay attention ?, a young child am I right? So to get these kids attention let’s throw two men kissing that’ll get em, well congrats it worked, BUT it is WRONG, I see no benefits I only see an agenda a very farce agenda, less is more please if this complaint sees the right person that can do something about this it would be greatly appreciated,Thank you.
– Concerned Mother

Suggested solution:

I believe this meets at least two of the three guidelines stated by the FCC to be removed and I hope they do so or I will just continue watching this channel entirely

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