Complaint: Unfair decision In a purchase of items received destroyed

on 19 September 2020 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I filed a claim with direct express. I bought a pallet of Amazon returns. Its was drop and go., I was the last appt for the warehouse. I was strapping it down and notice glass everywhere. Went up to the door knocked many times , no answer. Went on website and file a dispute. Every item on the pallet was completely restored beyond savage. Direct Express subs out there dispute department. The subcontractor was totally for I provided pictures of all items completely destroyed a hole went from the outside of a mini Refrig all the way inside. All glass was completely broke shattered. They said I bought a return pallet and thats what I got. I provided pictures that proved something with great force has destroyed everything. Pictures showed how a fork lift fork was the same size as the whole into the mini Refrig. Being returns no him an did this damage. And if it was returns how did every item get to 1 pallet destroyed beyond salvage. I wanted Direct Express to review the out come of my claim pictures , information from liquidation website how returns may have 10 % of damages.. This was every item, I couldnt give these items away. I don’t get why they refused for me to send them pictures and. To prove what I was saying was true. If you look at the pictures youd agree with me. . they told me I had to call the subbed out company. I did they told me its over and Theres nothing more. Everyone I talked to in both places would not let me send them pictures of the items I received. Would only read what they company said . Liquidation said they gave you a return pallet. Liquidation this and liquidation that. . Nothing event slightly about how the items are and refused to over view everything . Emails returned. By sender No replies, phone calls were not returned by liquidation and videos and pictures of they pallet refused to be reviewed. Where is my protection from direct express. I have none.

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Suggested solution:

I would like for them to receive and view all information about this case returned by sender emails. Phone calls with messages left and no replies. Look at the pictures of items. For them to look at each one and tell me that these are normal returns. View the pictures that show with a measuring tape that the hole is the same size as a fork lift fork. Which liquidation uses for moving there pallets. And then tell me what they think of the discision of. Dispute is fair. I tired to get all pictures in a grid or link wasnt able to. Please give me a email adress to provide the rest.

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