Direct Express complaint: They have stole money

Complaint from Wdm reported on 04 March 2024 about Direct Express

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My complaint:

Yes this is the second month in a roll that direct express has just cut my card off and have not let me use it and said it was due to fraud but when I asked so what or who tried to take money that they say was fraud the answer I got was don’t worry we know it was fraud then said we closed your account and it will be ten days before u get your new card so now my phone my electric will be shut thake to them saying fraud that they won’t even tell me who it was and if there was fraud then how come they say my act only had .23 cents in it if they know it was fraud then why they pay it also reason I don’t belive that is I was given a refund in the amount of 136.87 a d I was given the number that when the bank gets the amount of money and takes it well direct express took it but never put on my account they said because they don’t except refunds back to card well ok but why did they take it and never return it to the sender because they just pocket that money that exact thing has happened to me 3 times in the past two months and they won’t answer me when I ask about they say someone will call me nothing this company are thief lies and the most untrustworthy ace iv ever had to deal with so now thanks to direct express I have about 17 mins before my phone is shut off 2 days before my elccut off I am on only ssi and don’t have any other way pay them also they said if I wanted to pay 15 dollars to express me a card they could do that I simple said you kidding right how idiot u cut my card off
They should give me the money they stole from. Me Tru refunds and they should have to pay what ever it cost me to get my phone e and etc turned back on since now they charging me a fee to do that nice

Suggested solution:

They should pay me the mo ey they stole from. Me then they should pay any and all charges that I'm going to have to pay to get my stuff turned back on they should have to live in the freezing g cd like I'm going have to do thanks to them Ling and keeping me away from. My money for two months now

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