Direct Express complaint: Refusal to return money that was taken from my account

on 30 August 2022 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

An unauthorized charge of $495.17 was removed from my Direct Express account on May 5 2022 I personally did not authorize this transaction. I have talked numerous times to agents at Direct Expess about this and all I am told is that I authorized it. A similiar incident happened on March 3 2022 in the amount of $695.00 It was proven then I did not make this transaction and the money was put back in my account.Both of these purchases were made by the same establishment 2 months apart from a company I had never heard of. I dont do online shopping. For some reason all they tell me is I authorized this I have asked for some form of proof from them showing me this. They have not sent it . I have been talked to rudely and aggressively. I have been accused of trying to get $1000.00 from them. This is the farthest thing from the truth. I have asked them to block this company from access to my account which one person said they did another said they couldnt

Its all I can do to now to keep a float This $495.00 is a huge amount for someone who lives on a limited income.

I was raised to trust the company that handles my money…they protect you. Direct Express does not. If they could provide proof thats one thing but they cant. I didnt authorize the first time and I sure didnt the 2nd time. I simply couldnt afford to do that.

This needs to be resolved. I hope you can help me do so

Thank you

Suggested solution:

All I want is my money returned An apology would be nice but I dont think that will happen

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