Complaint: New card frozen for 5 mos. Can’t activate

on 13 March 2021 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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On Oct.12,2020 I lost my card and called to report and replace it.following a 2.5 wait on hold u was helped by a seemingly confused agent.she made me repeat and spell out my info a few times and assigned the wrong state abbreviation.I also updated my info.a few days later I daysan oversized postcard asking me to call an unfamiliar if had not recently changed my info.(I later learned this card was a scam)5 days after I ordered new card I got a letter from direct express fraud dept. saying due to suspicion activity on my card on Oct.13 they had frozen my card when they couldn’t reach me at the on file. HMmmm. Remember. I just updated my info.I called told them the fraud was at the heir end as I had no way of knowing my new card or to have received it in just a few hrs.they said I had to prove who I was which i said was ridiculous.they wanted a PiC of my ID I said OK but I need to renew it. That was no good so they wanted pic’s of my ssand B.C.which I sent to their email address. I also asked if they cud cancel the new card as it was compromised and issue another but they refused.this was a supervisor by now who was rude,disrespectful evasivesarcastic. He refused to give his last name.i sent my proof and waited 4 days.finally I called them only to be finally told they refused my proof but not why.more bad attitude and they say I must provide them w a Memorandum of Under standing as proof of my I’d.they couldn’t even tell me what it can as just to have SSA give it to me.proof of I’d isn’t what its for and 6different SSA agents didn’t know what it was or for. So my AFC is frozen, I tried to terminate my card and they laughed and said I can’t .I believe my ID was proven when on NoV.3rd2020 the SSA requested direct express to return my last benefits deposit and although it took a month they finally complied.I feel they accepted proof of my ID from SSA when they returned my benefits deposit. But direct express insists I must give them a MOU from SSA and they refuse to unlock my there’s $600 stimulus on that card and any minute another $1400.will be added!please help me

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Suggested solution:

Unlock and activate IMMEDIATELY the card where my money is held.

New card frozen for 5 mos. Can't activate
New card frozen for 5 mos. Can't activate
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