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Complaint from lisamolnar reported on 25 May 2023 about Direct Express

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My complaint:

I have been trying to get my money off my direct express card since November of 2022. I have not been able to gain access to my own account due to my state ID continually being denied. I have sent in the front and back of my ID several times to the email and faxed it. I have even sent in my social security card. I have gone into the social security office and they have verified my identity and I was placed on a call list through direct express. They were not able to verify my identity numerous times. I keep going back and forth between social security and direct express and I cannot access my OWN money. I cannot get a clear answer. Please stop holding onto my money. I am homeless and living on the streets. I suffer from mental illness. I can use this money to get into my own place and I am very upset that the two parties (social security and direct express) do not communicate properly. I have spent a lot of time and tears worrying about this issue.

Suggested solution:

Help me gain access to my account!!!! Have a better system. Open offices in person. Help YOUR clients!!!

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Demetrius Andre Nelson
Demetrius Andre Nelson (@guest_7405)
8 months ago

My money was stolen off my card and I never change my address I’m no longer there in Evansville Indiana I moved back home to Harvey Illinois.