Direct Express complaint: For the last time… I’m not fraudulently using my own card!

on 02 July 2022 about Direct Express in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I am so sick of every single month there’s something wrong. If they’re not freezing my account on payday (gasp how dare I spend my money when I receive it), then there’s an issue if I happen to make an in-app purchase where I pay with the card via PayPal. Or they just flat-out suspend my account because of imaginary fraud.

You’d think that after numerous years of this bs, they’d finally realize “hey, this card holder has never once called to report unauthorized charges of any kind. Maybe we should stop making her life even more difficult than it already is. I mean, she’s already disabled, let’s not pile on month after month.”

But coming to a conclusion such as that would require some form of a brain and intelligent thought process. With that awful hold music and recorded voice repeating the same message literally every 30 seconds… it’s painfully clear there’s not a single brain amongst them.

Bite me.

Suggested solution:

By not keeping me on hold for 2.5 hours until I can’t take that hold music any longer. I have yet to speak with one of those representatives I hear about every 30 seconds.

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