Direct Express complaint: Direct express won’t give me my money that was stolen on 2st 2024

Complaint from Rettalou70 reported on 24 March 2024 about Direct Express

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My complaint:

On the 1st of March 2024 400.00 was taken from my direct express card for my ssdi I filed and sent back everything they asked and still have not given me my money that was stolen from my card my lights got turned off my phone and my rent is due I have no food or things I need I only get disability a month I didn’t have money to do bills nothing I need my money Orr I will have to go to police department file charges against direct express and file a law suit against them and sue for pain and suffering

Suggested solution:

I want my money on my direct express by tonight no later than tomorrow's morning if its not on there I will be going to police department and the lawyer charges will be filed against direct express I'm disabled with a bad heart I can't deal with all this stress thank Loretta perkins

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