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Complaint from Christine Dariotis reported on 10 February 2024 about Direct Express

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My complaint:

I am now a widow and single mother after tragically losing my husband to cancer. My son is entitled to Social Security benefits since his father passed. At this point, I am now six months into trying to deal with Direct Express. The first debit card that was supposed to be sent to me never arrived. It took me endless phone calls and an appointment at Social Security to be told to call this number (Direct Express) and request a new card. Took forever to get through. Requested new card. It took two weeks to arrive.

I activated the card and now am on Day 9 of trying to transfer funds from Direct Express into my bank account. I have followed the WRITTEN instructions provided by Direct Express as to how to transfer funds. I am not a moron. I have a degree and have worked in the legal field for over 25 years. I would transfer funds (four times now) only the next day to find that the transfer was declined by Direct Express. Why? Who knows.

They just decline it and don’t provide any explanation. No communication whatsoever. Your only recourse is to call their 888 number (which takes forever to get through – today it took 35 minutes just to speak to a live body, and another 20 minutes to be transferred to a supervisor) Basically, I have found that (1) the letter (written instructions) that were provided to me by Direct Express is incorrect. The two customer services reps for Direct Express that I have spoken to in the last two days didn’t know that this letter was included to customers with their debit card.

The letter does not include correct instructions. For instance, they state to provide a scanned copy of the front of your driver’s license, when, in fact, you must provide a PHOTOGRAPH of your driver’s license, and not only the front of it, but the BACK of it, too. I have now tried four times to transfer funds, and four times it has been declined. Customer service can’t help you. They don’t have access to the reason why either. It’s a complete guessing game as to what you did wrong, and the customer service rep doesn’t know either. What a joke.

Suggested solution:

Simple. Tell me EXACTLY what is the problem with the ACH Transfer documents I have now sent four times.

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