Direct Express complaint: Customer Service is Terrible

Complaint from EJD reported on 06 June 2023 about Direct Express

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My complaint:

Social Security — SSI uses Direct Express for recipients to receive their monthly payments. They customer service is terrible and we either get 1) a recording that all their agents are busy and to try again doing none peak hours and hangs up! and it doesn’t tell you when are non-peak hours. and 2) you finally get a customer representative and then they can’t speak English well or not knowledge and they then put you back in the queue to talk with someone else! They do not have the ability to transfer you to someone else that can help you.

We are in the process of setting up a real bank account. My concern is that some people don’t have the ability to deal with this terrible service from Direct Express as they are disabled. It is very sad and frustrating.

Suggested solution:

Social Security should stop doing business with Direct Express and chose a better quality company to provide service to their SSI recipients.

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