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Complaint from SHARONMILLSRAMP reported on 10 February 2024 about DFAS

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My complaint:

Hello, I am writing to explain my recent submission to DFAS. I had requested to stop the former spouse’s SBP based on the most recent message from DOD dated March 9, 2023. Section 4b of the message states that an eligible member who was participating in SBP on December 22, 2022, may elect to discontinue participation in SBP. Furthermore, Section 7 of the message states that the election must be voluntary and that there is no court order requiring that I have an SBP for my former spouse (as stated in the divorce decree).

Additionally, 2 of the same section states that an election to participate in SBP is not subject to the concurrence of the member’s spouse or former spouse. Section 8 of the message states that an election to discontinue SBP participation during the open season requires the consent of each of the members designated SBP beneficiaries. I have completed all the necessary forms and now I am requesting that the SBP for my former spouse be discontinued immediately.

I received a memo from SBP Discontinuing that instructed me to upload forms through Ask DFAS. I uploaded the SBP Open Election to Discontinue, which included 8 pages (1 with my signature and the other with my ex’s concurrence). I also submitted the entire court decree, which does not mention my requirement to pay the former spouse’s SBP. I uploaded the files 6 times in Ask DFAS, but they asked me to submit a memo stating the actions I requested, even though the check marks on the form indicate such. I called DFAS several times before the January 1, 2024, suspense date to ensure my paperwork arrived. In mid-October 2023, I was told to check back on October 22, 2023. In December 2023, I was informed that DFAS had received all my files, and it needed to be checked on after 60 days.

Today, I was told to wait a few weeks. I have spoken with Supervisor Carol, who left me a message, but I have not heard back. I also spoke to another supervisor who was not even familiar with this last open season. She was looking at my 2021 claim. I informed her of the above, but she said they did not receive my paperwork and there is nothing they can do. I want an investigation to be conducted into my files, and a knowledgeable person to review all the files uploaded to the AskDfas website. I followed all regulations and guidelines and adhered to the timelines, and I should not be punished for DFAS’s unorganized ways of processing files.

Please review my file from AskDfas and all the files that were mailed. I am attaching the DFAS Help tickets and the needed forms. Carol indicated that they received my memo and the court decree but did not have any other documents. However, I sent all the files in one package, and I have my copies with the original signature and notary stamps, which were sent in October 2023, well before the cut-off date.

To summarize, I would like to request an investigation of my files. Specifically, I had conversations with several DFAS representatives and I believe those conversations were recorded. Additionally, I would like a knowledgeable person to review all the files that were uploaded to the AskDfas website. Lastly, I would like a copy of the original documents that were received.

Sharon Mills Ramp

Suggested solution:

Stop the SBP.

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