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on 05 November 2020 about Days Inn in category Hotels / Motels

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The moment I walked into my hotel room at DAYS IN CONCORD, IN CONCORD CA I immediately smelled an undeniable ratchet smell of what I believe to be sewage I opened the restroom door which is immediately to the right following the entrance and noticed that the toilet had still water that had risen 2 the rim. I proceeded to call the front desk and informed them that I did not believe the room was cleaned and that there was water about to spill over found the toilet and that I was not comfortable flushing the toilet for fear that it would spell over on 2 the floor and the rest of the room.
The gentlemen who had checked me in was the same person oh then came up to my room with a plunger proceeded to attempt to unclog the toilet but was unsuccessful add have informed me that they would try and repair the toilet first thing tomorrow which would have been the next morning I have requested a different room I was told that there are no rooms available except for the upgraded rooms but I would have to pay for that I was unwilling to do so because of how much money I was already paying and I did not feel it was my fault to have to pay such an expensive amount because of their inability to provide me with a working toilet unclean room. I proceeded to look around the room and felt as if it was not clean I took the better part as I suspected the bed had what seem to be dried and hardened human secretions I proceeded to look at everything I found hit the floor had some kind of matter on it that I what believe was left behind by a pet of some sort but some kind of fecal matter. The doors and the counter and table tops had residue left behind that was obvious had not been wiped of disinfected .. the bedding had hairs from a previous guest as well as bits and pieces of whatever snack food crumbs they left behind the sink and the bathroom area the only sink in the room had leftover residue that I would believed to be spit.. on the inside part of the doors we’re very dirty and very obvious finger marks handprint as well as either blood or feces that was ignored there is no way that I was going to subject my self to anykimd of a health hazard. I was told I needed to wait until the owner arrived in the morning. I was left to have no choice but to sleep in my vehicle although I had just spent $317 as well as an additional $100 and the deposit. I was disregarded as if my loyalty as a customer had no value.

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I would have been okay if a cleaned hotel suite was offered or an entire refund but instead I was given the shrug of shoulder

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