Days Inn complaint: Unsafe environment

on 11 September 2023 about Days Inn in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Issues due to lobby being closed from 11p-9a with a phone to dial 222 for emergencies. Left several messages and line is not monitored. Please read on.

Had to beg for extra towels and sheets after being denied. I’m disabled and can’t sleep in the bed. Have to make do with chair. Advised front desk the room phone was not working. Told maintenance (I guess) about the phone as well. This was never addressed. I then went 2nd or 3rd day the toilet was stopped up by a 7 year old and we needed a plunger and NO ONE responded after calling the 222 for emergencies; nor contacted us about it at any point during my stay.

Got a plunger from housekeeping the next day and corrected.  After that we had roaches. Got bug spray from employee and once again handled myself.  The door between the swimming pool and the smoking area in front of lobby was locked. Left the pool area, walked through the lobby with my 7 year old grandchild dripping wet to have a smoke.

The toilet stopped up once again I went to housekeeping on my own  and retrieved a plunger a 2nd time and kept it in the room.  Then the night of the 31st, around 12:30am, Aug 1, after a jacuzzi bath, trying to relieve my pain, I decided to take a stroll in hopes to feel better.  Thank God my granddaughter already went home.  When I returned my key card was not working. Tried several times. Tried key in door to hallway for ice and still nothing. Once again called the emergeny number 222. Called 10 times and no one ever responded.

Called 1 (281) 724-4672,  8002253297, and 8004661589 for help and nothing.  Called non-emergency number to police assuming, like any business should have, a number to contact after hours in case of emergency such as fire, gunshots, guests in dire need of assistance or whatever. Still no help. Surprised a business would not provide fire and police an after hours emergeny number.

Noticed someone in room 136 with plants in the window and thought they could help. They gave me a number to try. Nothing.  Normally I will turn the deadbolt to keep the door from locking just in case. But, unfortunately, this time I did not.  I was wandering around outside in my gown from 12:30am until almost 3am without my cane, my walker, a drink, nor my pain medication until  I was rescued. Again, thank God i was able to drink from their waterhose.  My daughter-in-law, thank God, returned my call and drove an hour round trip to come get me only to leave less than 3 hours later to bring me back as she had to work.   While here she too tried the key card so much so that it got stuck in the slot.

Suggested solution:

I want a complete refund for not being provided a safe and clean environment. They refunded $41.77 which was 1/2 of one night. And lied to the BBB saying my issues were addressed when they weren\\\'t. Fabricated lie.

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