CTV News complaint: Unprofessional reporting about PM Trudeaus stranded flight

Complaint from Me Myself and Eye reported on 12 September 2023 about CTV News

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My complaint:

I am writing you because I am not impressed with Annie Bergeron-Oliver‘a coverage of PM Trudeau’s plane troubles in India. Her reporting came across more like an attack on the PM and his delegation than a news story. I felt that Annie Bergeron-Oliver sounded more like a political rival with an ax to grind than a journalist. By dredging up the PM’s last visit to India and reminding Canadians about his Wardrobe Faux Pas she has now opened the floodgates for everyone and anyone (keyboard cowards, far right extremismitsts, conspiracy theorists) to point out others past mistakes.In what universe is it OK for a journalist to remind the public about a Public Figures moment of being human in the public eye.

Just because Justin Trudeau is PM doesn’t give journalists the right to criticize EVERY mistake, slip of the tongue or faux pas because they can I don’t agree with the way Annie Bergeron-Oliver brought up PM Trudeau’s Fashion Faux Pas because his plane ✈️ happened to break down in India. Her comments about the PM’s past fashion faux pas sounded petty and disrespectful and should not have been a part of the story. Canadians do NOT need journalists adding fuel to the fire especially when there is so much division in our Political system at ALL levels and all over the country. The PM’s stranded plane ✈️ should have been a story where Annie Bergeron-Oliver could dredge up the PM’s lapse in judgment. She also eluded that the stranded plane ✈️ was an “EMBARRASSMENT”.

She herself has embarrassed the PM, his delegation and Canadians because she herself has deemed it an “EMBARRASSMENT” that the PM’s plane ✈️ broke down. As a journalist Annie Bergeron-Oliver should NOT have been discussing the PM’s 2018 visit to India. With the divisive rhetoric, identity politics and extremism that has become a daily occurrence we don’t need our Journalists adding their 2 cents worth. There are far right political forces who will now try to use Annie Bergeron-Oliver‘s unsolicited, unethical unprofessional reporting about the PM’s fashion faux pas to distract, discredit, undermine and weaponize the political process by way of propaganda, character assignation and scare tactics.

Annie Bergeron-Oliver should NOT have bought up the PM’s last visit to India and insinuate that the PM embarrassed Canadians because his plane ✈️ happened to break down after The G20. I strongly believe that Annie Bergeron-Oliver needs to apologize to The PM, his delegation and Canadians for her failure to remain objective and instead focused on the negative aspects of the past.

Suggested solution:

The journalist in question should be asked why she felt it necessary to use the PM’s stranded plane ✈️ in India to rehash a VERY old story about the PM’s 2018 visit to India and fashion faux pas and why we needed to be reminded. She should also apologize to the PM, his delegation and Canadians for her unacceptable, unprofessional and irresponsible remarks during her news coverage.

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