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Complaint from Hounds49 reported on 30 April 2023 about CTV News

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My complaint:

I have been listening to CTV news for many years. I have preferred to watch CTV news rather than CBC as your standards has been outstanding. Your anchors are enjoyable to watch maintain their professionalism at all times. However, lately I am finding it quite frustrating watching Donna Sound report the news.

She seems to be having difficulty pronouncing cities, people’s names etc not including making quite a few mistakes in presenting the news reading, I presume, the er. She hesitates too much in reading the news. She definitely does not present a smooth news broadcast.

I realize everyone needs a chance, however, I would think that in order to get on National news that anchors practice how to pronounce names, of towns, cities, people, countries etc. Also that as any professional who is going to stand up to give a speech in front of many people one must practice to ensure the speech is well given.

I have hesitated over the past few weeks to lodge a complaint hoping that I would see some improvement, however, Donna Sound does not seem to be improving in her performance.
Hopefully she will learn that practice ( not on the National news but before getting on TV) will certainly help her deliver a better newscast.

Suggested solution:

I think that Donna Sound needs to learn how to read from the er practice her newscast before ever going on the National news.

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Shan (@guest_6940)
9 months ago

Totally agree with Donna Sound being hard to watch

News watcher
News watcher (@guest_6961)
9 months ago

painful to listen to, wont watch the weekend news listening to that
Sorry girl but you need more practice

Bill Smith
Bill Smith (@guest_7002)
8 months ago
Reply to  News watcher

She belongs on, and only on the aptn channel, where they might be interested in listening to her. In the meantime, I’ll use the remote to choose otherwise.

Frustrated news watcher
Frustrated news watcher (@guest_7004)
8 months ago

She is absolutely terrible. I think she is dyslexic and has a speech impediment. She literally can’t get through more than a couple sentences without stumbling, pausing, or making a major mistake. It’s unwatchable. This is what happens when you value diversity over merit