Credit Karma complaint: Locked Accounts

Complaint from Jenkennedy2323 reported on 23 February 2024 about Credit Karma

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My complaint:

I am writing to file a formal complaint against Credit Karma for their unjust and alarming actions that have left me in a state of financial distress. On February 11, 2021, I received an unexpected email from Credit Karma informing me that my membership had been deactivated, and my spend and save account had been locked for purported protection reasons, with no further explanation provided.

Since then, I have made numerous attempts to contact Credit Karma’s member services for clarification and resolution. However, despite reaching out over 20 times, I have been met with vague responses stating that my account is under review and that they are unable to disclose specific details at this time. I have been informed that the higher department may contact me via email to provide me with further information, but as of now, I remain in the dark about the status of my funds.

Credit Karma has refused to disclose whether my money has been transferred to my external bank account on file or by mail. They have also denied access to my bank statements and have failed to provide a timeline for when I can expect to receive my funds. This lack of transparency and communication regarding my financial assets is unacceptable and has caused me significant distress and uncertainty.

I urge you to investigate this matter thoroughly and hold Credit Karma accountable for their actions. It is unjustifiable for a financial institution to deactivate a member’s account, freeze their assets, and withhold critical information without valid explanation or timely resolution. I seek assistance in retrieving my funds and ensuring that Credit Karma adheres to ethical and lawful practices in handling consumer accounts.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. I look forward to a and effective resolution to this issue.

Suggested solution:

They need to send me my $778

Credit Karma complaint Locked Accounts
Credit Karma complaint Locked Accounts
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