Cosmopolitan Projects complaint: Sewer, faeces and stench inside my yard

Complaint from Dambile reported on 26 October 2023 about Cosmopolitan Projects

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My complaint:

Good morning to who ever is reading the complaint. I’ve been living at 9092/23 Japan crescent, extension 8, Cosmo city since i moved in, in 2011. I have been experiencing sewage problems since then i sent mails and called in at Cosmopolitan housing and my complaints fell on deaf ears. That house has 4 Man holes in one yard how i don’t know. I’ve dealing with the Randburg Water department but its little assistance that they can do as they are not responsible for a permanent solution infact they were the ones to advise me to go back and report this sewage issue to Cosmopolitan housing as they were the ones that created this poor drain and plumbing mess and the Plumber that they employed at the time of building those houses in 2010.

It was never joy to live at that house since day one. i now have consulted with the legal fraternity and was advised to open a case against Cosmopolitan Housing for infringing on my Human and my family for all these years. i have attached only one picture of the sewage bust that occurs in every year that goes by affecting my wife, children, dogs and me. i am sending this complaint to you to make you aware that your ignorance has not benefited you accept to give you more bad publicity as you already have endured in the past years. I am willing to mobile my neighbors that are also affected by this appeling situation from day one we moved into this dump called Cosmo city extension 8. I will also be requesting media access for this court matter proceeding not to spite or undermine your image however to put you in my shoes for the past decade that i have suffered in that yard of mine.

I would like to know if would you CEO live under the conditions that i have been living under all these years. I have attached a picture of the disarster that occurs in my yard evertime those Man holes bust allowing this type of poor infrastructure that was developed either to kill a black person or destroy a black person. This complaint will now reach all sorts of social media platforms that is just how agonized i am of these living conditions.

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Sewer, faeces and stench inside my yard
Sewer, faeces and stench inside my yard
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