Complaint: The app, attacks, raids and villages

on 26 February 2020 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

Over the past week to two I have had problems with the app and when ever I would go on it I would press to do my spins and the app just shut down so I kept going back on and it did the same so I have missed out on gold trades and not being able to go through events because of that problem at first I thought it was just my internet connection but when I was on my phone internet it happened and on other WiFi’s it did the same. The problem I have with attacks and raids is that if there is an event on for attack only then I have noticed that most of the time the raid comes up mostly and hardly the attack so you can’t get far through the events and the same if it just for getting raids then the attack comes up mostly so I don’t see the point in them type of events. The villages are what annoy me because I don’t see the point in village getting more expensive to build because you only get the same as basically when you start the game with the spins unless you got quite a few then the spin only go up to times 3 and how you are meant to get enough coins to do anything on your villages I have no idea but there isn’t any point in making it more expensive if all you are going to keep getting is the same amount of coins on symbols when you have done a spin

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I think the company needs to check their game for bugs and viruses so that it doesn’t keep shutting down because it needs to be looked sorted. With the attacks and raids they need to sort that because if there is an event on for one of them but all you get is the other one then obviously your game has a problem so there isn’t any point putting events on if you have to get one or the other you may aswell just put events on where you have to get attacks and raids because it’s the only time that I have any luck or chance of it getting me any way through an event.

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