Complaint: Purchased package of spins to win a larger amount of spins and when I reached my goal I never received any of my spins

on 04 October 2020 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My special needs son would charge syndrome has his own guest account on his iPad. He loves coin master and got me really loving it because he looks forward to only playing it with me after school and on weekends. So sometimes I splurge a little bit and buy certain packages. Usually to win a great prize. I have not had any issues with Coin Master for many months now. This time around I woke up this morning And I was a few thousand points away from winning 25,000 spins. At the same time the other tournament I was in third place and if I won first place I get a joker card. At the same time the other tournament I was in third place and if I won first place I get a joker card So I ended up coming in first place in the other tournament and since I was so close only a few hundred now at this point in time from winning 25,000 spins. So I ended up trading a few thousand of my cards to get more spins. Since I didn’t achieve my goal I ended up buying a $14.99 package used all of those bins and I still didn’t end up winning the 25,000 spins so I ended up purchasing another package. And at this time I finally hit my goal and got a raid on times 100 but unfortunately it did not register and give me my 25,000 spins. Right after that The other tournament ended and I won 14 thousand spins and the joker card. I decided to blow through those bins to get another large win so I can win the 25,000 Spins. Then I got an attack on 40 times and yet again it did not register give me the 25,000 spins. All in all I probably spent close to a couple hundred dollars alone just on this one tournament and when I actually hit the large spin total I didn’t end up receiving my package or prize. This is something that really upset me because my son really looks forward to playing this with me. I started a Facebook account just to get a more spins I am in multiple groups and that just really upset me and I’m hoping that they can just Give me 25,000 spins that I earned. I don’t care about the money that I spent or the one point some thousand spins I blew through. I just want my spins. I love this game but unfortunately if this happens I cannot continue to keep spending money.

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I am hoping that they just reward me with the 25,000 spins that I earned because that’s all I want because that’s the only thing that I was hoping on winning so I can continue to keep playing with my son. Even though I spent a couple hundred dollars alone just this weekend on that one tournament is A lot of money for me but my son loves it and it keeps us together playing a game he loves. I don’t want my money back but I would love to still be rewarded for the spins that I earned because that’s why I spent all that extra money and you blew through about 25 or $30 and two minutes plus over 1000 spins I won. Please coin master resolve this for me and reward me with the spins that I won.

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