Complaint: Getting attacked multiple times by person who is not on my friends list

on 23 May 2020 about Coin Master in category Gaming

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My complaint:

I attach a photo of someone attacking my village . He is not a fb friend and I cannot attack him back as the option to attack back is not available. Please could you clarify how this is possible.

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Suggested solution:

Block the person, rebuild my village and probably some free spins as a companion

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10 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Coin Master

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Anurag Murarka
Anurag Murarka (@guest_1222)
9 months ago

Same has happened with me today morning an ‘Anil’ has attacked me approx 15 times and destroyed my village. He is not a friend how is this possible?

Marivic Nagrama Ondajon
Marivic Nagrama Ondajon (@guest_2275)
5 months ago
Reply to  Anurag Murarka

Me also 15 times a day that person attacked my village until my villagr it possible that i cannot revenge that person

Jade (@guest_2094)
6 months ago

How Is it possible for someone to attack my village and I am unable to return the favor? They don’t even show up in my revenge section; only in my news section.

Anne (@guest_2112)
6 months ago

Is this address already? Someone attack and stole from me multiple times. Same thing the person is not my friend in Fb and I cannot attack back. He has thw viking face and “keybird” name

Nicola (@guest_2682)
2 months ago

I have people not on my friends list stealing my coins all the time, but I never have anyone other than my friends to steal from, why is this?

Layla (@layla-hedderick)
18 days ago

I ahve someone I blocked on facebook as they were repeatedly attacking me and stealing loads of money from me but 4 days later and coinmaster is still letting them attack and steal from me and I mean this is constant, Its beyond a joke. So whats going to be done about it?