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Complaint from maria peralta reported on 10 June 2023 about

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My complaint:

I was initially contacted via Whatsapp Group Chat called Fidelity Group dedicated to trading in cryptocurrencies through Two administrators are part of the ongoing chat. Monica 614 588-6342 and her other number is 916 871-6926 The other person goes by the name of Andrew and his number is 626 621-6931. they all claim are representatives from coincryptowallet to help trade. The group was there for over a year but did not pay attention to the group. Monica kept on trying to talk to me and to start investing. I decided to start investing this year. Before I started to invest, I opened a cypto account and this led me to believe the trade account was legitimate. Come to find out when it was time to collect the funds. Monica asked for the commission, and after the commission was paid the platformed asked for expedited fee; if I wanted the funds right away. The excuse was that the platform was taking a long time to pay due to the tax fees the platform needed to pay in advance for each group member. I sent the expedited fee and did not get the funds. Next, the platform was saying that the account was frozen because of tax evasion. Something so ridiculous because I never had own taxes to the IRS. Finally, they asked for another 10k to release the funds and the account will no longer be frozen. By this time, my financial situation is in bad shape. Monica led me to believe that the trade was legitimate and advice me to quit my job. I took her advice and quit my job leading me to a major financial trouble. I put all my savings in the trade account. I invested 58k and the amount from the trade mounted to 162911.70. Money that I will never see. I wired transfer the funds to the my account and from there the funds were sent to the coincryptowallet account. I feel that is responsible for these scammers because is letting money to be transfer to outside platforms. I did not know that the coincryptowallet platform was an outside platform. On top of it, I take care of my elderly parents and are terminally ill. I am looking for work in hopes to start savings again to be able to give my parents a proper burial. I do not want to think about it but I have to be realistic. I hope that when Monica, Andrew and the rest of the people involved think of me when they spend the money; and to know that it was stolen from people in need like me. I attach a copy of the last email and the money I had mounted and was never sent.

Suggested solution:

Have coin-crypto wallet platform to process my withdrawal funds a total of 58k. I am not asking for the 162911.70 that was mounted with the fraudulent trade. I want to come forward and stop this people from continuing to scam innocent people and stand for their services. I have a Crypto account therefore, they should have policies in place before money is transferring outside their platform. complaint Fraud complaint Fraud
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