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on 16 May 2023 about in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I was initially contacted via a Whatsapp Group Chat dedicated to trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Three (3) admins are part of the ongoing chat. Sylvia Meyer (859-365-1627); William Rodriguez (781-236-8244); and Danielle Marie (541-249-7369) – all of which claim to be representatives from JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. I was following the chat and viewing that many members were making their investments, trading, making money and ing ability to make withdrawals. I followedit for a while and then initially deposited some money.

The money started growing with the trades and then when I requested a withdrawal, they requested a commission to be paid. I paid the commission and then when they claimed to settle with the platform to process the withdrawal, they claimed that they required FinCEN to verify my accounts were not fraudulent and for that I needed to pay an additional amount but once it was verified they would refund the additional amount back to my account.

Furthermore, they created a Withdrawal Contract without any legal entity, officer or title and when I requested they make certain revisions they simply ignore my requests and emails. The admins from the group chat also ignore my requests. I have been scammed out of $232,836.00. Website: Email: [email protected]

Suggested solution:

That the coin-crypto platform process my withdrawal funds or that they return my money in full.

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