Clarion Hotels complaint: The $200 incidental poo

on 06 March 2023 about Clarion Hotels in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

On February 23, 2022 nights at the Clarion Hotel Concord Walnut Creek with my service dog after a birthday party for a girlfriend. The hotel is very lovely friendly hospitable considering I was alone after my girlfriend went home when I walked her out to catch the Lyft I had my service dog with me we went into the atrium through front doors at the lobby asked if there was a closer way to the room as it was raining there was not as that door is locked that late. I walked with my service dog back through the atrium, stopped and spoke to the security guard who had told me I could go through that way. He had forgot his mistakes.

No big deal And we walk to our room. Checked out of the hotel accordingly the next morning two days later my refund on my deposit was not returned when I called to inquire the manager I had to call back later to speak to her the next day and she informed me that my service dog had pooped through the atrium Which surprised me when I had no knowledge he did not stop or signal. He is a service dog. He is 14 years old. Due to him having that accident I was not getting my deposit back. She said she has it on video, and when I expressed my apologies and begged for a different resolution, she simply told me the charge will stand, ma’am, and have a good day and hung up on me Beings that I had a service dog for a reason I have beaten pancreatic cancer and was mortified that he had an accident. I would have no problem paying for it? But the $200 charge is excessive considering this is part outside plus no buddy security guard or a front desk that was switching with me noticed either in front of me Being as well I am hoping that Clarion Hotel is not being represented by this action and that it was just a mistake. I’m hoping that I could have a different outcome. I could contest it with my bank as some this is not rendered as described thank you for letting me have this opportunity to make a complaint and I hope for a better outcome .

PS I did try to resolve this for quite some time over the phone for three successive whole times, and the callback feature was not working as it was not able to be contacted at the time of return the call

Suggested solution:

Well as stated previously it was a honest mistake and if I had known that would have been immediately taken care of In this case unaware and part outside $30$50 would be exceptable. Now after being humiliated by management and hung up on, I don’t believe I should be charged anything anything at all she should apologize for being so rude and not a way to conduct management.

The $200 incidental poo
The $200 incidental poo
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