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on 09 November 2018 about City of Port Arthur in category Local Government

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For several years now, my husband and I have been dealing with this unsanitary problem of the toilet not flushing, and backing up when it rains. I have reached out to the mayor’s office (Derrick Freeman) never received a call from him, but left several messages. My husband spoke with the director of the sewerplumbing department about 3 months ago, and he was told that the problem will be taken cared of. Tuesday, we called the director office and spoke with a supervisor, because the director, mayor, and city manager are all out of the office this week, and won’t be back until the middle of next week. This is what I was told this morning,by the secretary Mrs. Cristy. I left a message again. This toilet situation have me very upset. It’s time for the holidays and we can’t entertain company if it rains, because our toilet backs up, which is very unsanitary. The offenders in the prison don’t live like this!! I just had a major back surgery 2 months ago, where I got screws and rods put in. I’ve been lifting buckets of water to flush my toilet for years, and I know that played a part in me having to have surgery. My husband works a lot, so he’s not here to fill a bucket and hopefully flush the toilet. I’m still under the surgeon care and I can’t lift a bucket of water. When I got up this morning to use the toilet, again it’s not flushing, because of a small amount of rain we got last night. Yesterday it didn’t rain, so the toilet flushed. It’s not on my end because all of my plumbing is new, with new pvc. When the city come out to address my complaint, I’m told it’s the whole area, not just me, I guess that’s supposed to make it better. If someone can help me, I will greatly appreciate it, since I can’t get any help from my city leaders. Today is November 9, 2018 none of the city leaders are, or have been in their office all this week!!! Thank you, for your time. Ceretha Rice

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I would love to be able to live a normal, sanitary life, by being able to use my toilet and when I flush it, whatever is in it goes down. I am a home owner for a while now, and I pay my taxes and water bill. I will also appreciate it, that when I reach out to my city leaders, someone would be concerned enough to contact me.

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