Chevrolet complaint: Unavailable windshield

Complaint from Eric Ahrens reported on 02 February 2024 about Chevrolet

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My complaint:

I purchased a 2024 Chevrolet Trax on Aug 29, 2023, and bought the PermaPlate Glass treatment that included the PermaPlate warranty. on 9/26/23, a rock caused a crack in the windshield and I filed a claim (492282). The claim was approved and a windshield was ordered. It is now 1/30/24 and the windshield still has not arrived. The crack is in a location that for a shorter driver would render the car illegal to drive.

PermaPlate has ordered the windshield from chevrolet but it is on back order with no anticipated delivery date.

Suggested solution:

Replace the windshield

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