Cheap as Chips complaint: Price Difference Fibre clay pots

Complaint from Brenton reported on 27 October 2023 about Cheap as Chips

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My complaint:

Fibre clay pots not marked! I asked price in shop lady came down and scanned told me price was $29.00 Fibre Clay Pot sml L 50 x W 25 x H 25cm colour Granite Grey. Purchased on 23/10/23 at 10.09 am Got home and checked docket Charged $39.00 So went back in shop today the 27/10/23 and picked up a different colour pot Granite Anthracite same type asked for price check at checkout $29.00 Told lady what happened. She said thats the way it is different colours different price. nothing I can do about it. Is this correct that if different colors different price for same size?

no on Tag OP1765P on 1 on other OP1765K not sure which one is which now.

Also a lot of items in this store have no signs to say what price items are.

Suggested solution:

If I am correct either refund or credit. Want to know why there would be diference in price because of colour.

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