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My complaint:

On Feb-19, I contacted Celsius about getting my 1099-MISC to do my taxes, assuming the amount would fall under box 8, which meant they were to have provided the form by Feb-15. They had not generated any 1099-MISCs at that point, and so I assumed they would list the income under the catch-all box 3 Other Income, which meant they could wait until Feb-28 to provide the 1099-MISC. They also opened a ticket (863108) and sent me an email message that said: We are currently looking into this situation regarding your 1099-MISC tax report and we will get back to you as soon as we have any updates. I’ve never heard back or gotten any assistance on this, and the Feb-28 deadline has come and gone.

Suggested solution:

I would like them to immediately provide my 1099-MISC. If they cannot do so, I need the company's mailing address. My accountant says that in the absence of a 1099-MISC being provided in the required time frame, we can simply declare it from our own calculations but in submitting it we need to identify the company and its mailing address. I thought that would be easy to get, but it appears to be some big secret. I can't find it on the web and their customer support person on the phone would not provide it and would only give the useless address of that particular call center.

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