Complaint: Cancel culture

on 15 March 2021 about CBS in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Your backlash against Sharon Osbourne over defending Piers Morgan. Neither one if them did or said anything wrong. But the whole world has lost its mind. We still have every right to disagree with others. And we also have the right to not believe everything that is spoke in an interview. Yet, CBS seems to think that we do not have these rights. That is unless those that we disagree with are the same color as us. Well, I’m done with CBS as well as your ADVERTISERS!!!
And, trust me when I say this, I’m BY FAR not the only person taking this stand.

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Suggested solution:

Stop with the CANCEL CULTURE. This will fix nothing. All its doing is getting people like me on the defensive. I've never been racist a day in my life. However, all this BS is sure starting to turn me sour!!!!

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