Catholic Health Initiatives complaint: CHI comitting insurance fraud with TriCare and United Health Care

Complaint from giabadger reported on 05 March 2024 about Catholic Health Initiatives

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My complaint:

CHI hospitals keep billing both United Health Care AND TriCare for medical services I received, and I do not have nor have I EVER had an account with UHC: ONLY TriCare is my insurance company and has been for the last 35 years. I believe CHI is attempting to commit insurance fraud with UHC and TriCare by double billing, causing claims to be denied and costing me hundreds of dollars out of pocket that WOULD have been paid by TriCare if not for the fact that CHI first billed UHC FRAUDULENTLY.

Please note that this is being done by the CHI Billing Department in Nebraska AND Iowa.

Suggested solution:

I have been dealing with this NIGHTMARE for OVER FIVE YEARS now. I have repeatedly called, faxed and written Tricare, CHI in both Iowa and Nebraska, and even contacted United Health Care. I can not understand how after FIVE YEARS, CHI is STILL billing UHC despite many MANY notes in my file that TRICARE IS MY ONLY INSURANCE. UHC for whatever reason has even PAID at least THREE CLAIMS despite the fact that I do NOT NOW nor have I EVER had a policy with them.

Don\'t you think people who are THAT BAD at their job filing insurance should be FIRED and PROSECUTED to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW? The only reason to continually file insurance claims with the wrong company, as far as I can tell, is to commit insurance fraud.

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