Catch Bingo Collector complaint: False advertising and robbery

Complaint from Jenbug364 reported on 13 March 2024 about Catch Bingo Collector

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My complaint:

I had to bingo so many times in a 24 hour period and I lost a lot of money doing it. The sight stopped at 1999.00, then had to watch ten videos. than it stopped counting, no matter how many more bingos I got it has stayed at 1999.00 and the clock is winding down and they want more bingos. There are a couple more sites that got me. Scratch magic, golden horizon team, catch bingo collector,bingo dash, solitaire winner, solitaire cash.

Suggested solution:

I was told to get so many bingos, a lot of ads, there was one ad that showed a lady was some what pornographic. I want all of my money back. Would I have to go to my bank for this. Please take this sight down. I have more sights that have done this to me but I want to make sure so I can prevent a very long day of reporting.

Catch Bingo Collector complaint False advertising and robbery
Catch Bingo Collector complaint False advertising and robbery
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