Complaint: Several request for refunds and no help I made several attempt thru cash app on the cash app no good result there no one to talk to

on 31 July 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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I have three cash apps that I have made one is a Marley Dotson a.k.a.RoyalsBaddie I attempted to deposit $40 to play a game that she has several games that she has called the baby bottles and the balloon pops and I wasn’t able to be there and I was ill and I never gave her permission to play the game in continuous she could’ve just refunded me my money back I requested for my $40 to come back to me and she told me she played the game herself where did you read it if no one is on there and no one to play the game then you should be able to refund that person their money back I requested a roomI have been heckled by Morley Dutton hurst self Laugh at and made fun She even blocked me on Facebook and Facebook messenger the second one her name is Gloria and her Cash App name is$sallmay I sent $30 over for another young lady and she got the money and never returned it I did another request for a refund and it’s been several days and no one has done anything about it I’ve done several request for a refund I am so tired of this and you have a third one young lady by the name of Allymay that’s your cash app name and I sent the request for refund from her also then tonight around 1:30 AM I went on to Cash App again and sent $60 toSallymay17 but this other young lady with the same cash app name intercepted it her name is $sallymay17 This is so ridiculous something needs to be done these people just can’t keep taking other peoples money and thinking that is right

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Please refund me all my money that I have sent to these people they act like they’re entitled to have other peoples money and not return it back to them even that it is a mistake no I forwarded that I will be sitting somewhere up under someone’s jail going to jail for embezzlement please refund me my money to$Debbrajackson Thank you my phone number is 248-835-4274 my address 2702 Patrick Henry apartment 202 Auburn Hills MI 48326 this is an ongoing thing since June and this shouldn’t be happening

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Cash App

Comment by poster of the complaint DebbraJackson

9 months ago - Everyone who uses cash BEWARE of people Lurking trying to get your money

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