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on 02 May 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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So to start with I don’t know if the person is a man or a women so I’m going to use “it”. One day I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw someone that is selling iPhones, I texted the person and the person gave me the prices for the phones, on April 17,2020 I brought a iPhone 8 Plus from the person for $130 dollar the person told me heshe were going to mail me the phone, 10 minute later come to find out I got scammed I tried to text the person and I get a message saying user not found , I reach out to Cash app tea, through the phone they didn’t answer my call so the same night I email them saying I got scammed and I can’t cancel my payment, they responded after weeks saying “ We compared the transaction you brought to our attention with your account history. We determined that we received the transaction in question from a known device. This device had accessed your Cash App account prior to this event.
Based on this information, we do not have enough evidence to determine the activity was unauthorized and have denied your claim. This concludes our investigation into this claim.“ This literally doesn’t make sense like I need my money back, I made it clear someone scammed me I never said that I didn’t know who were using my device, they never reach out back to me after what they say and I feel like I’m in danger because I don’t know the person that scammed me and the fact that I use the app “CASH APP” for transferring the money, I emailed them that same day about it I think I should have get a refund or they should try to know who scammed me because obviously you can’t create a cash app account without your bank card time so if they know the person bank card number they can call the bank and ask for information. If you scammed someone I don’t think your life is private enough and that person deserve to go to jail.

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I think they should give me my money back then find out who did it , after they find out who did it they should banned the person from using cash app

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