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on 01 August 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I refund request a $300.00 to Jeffrey Riddick on 07312020 @ 12:18pm. The Cash App is not a live Cash App. Because it’s not a live Cash App I then tried to canceled payment. I contact Cash App to inform them is wasn’t a live Cash App that I was requesting my $300.00 refund from… Is there any other way to retrieve my refund. Representative Travis at 1 (361) 204-9926 ‭1 (940) 905-4350‬ was assisting me. Through the process of refunding my $300.00 my balance $449.00 disappeared which left me with a balance of 0.51 on my Cash card. Along with making these requests Cash App: MALL just accepted the $939 payment you sent today, Cash App: RITMAN requested $931, Open Cash App to approve or decline Cash App: RITMAN just accepted the $938 you sent, Cash App: RIVON just accepted the $938 payment you sent today, Cash App: Shawn Richards sent you $490 Cash App: PENFOLD just accepted the $490 payment you sent today, Cash App: David Grubbs sent you $489. Further action is required to accept this cash: https:cash.appdepositayka6y4xbeoucw30y5je911qm. I request Refund for those requests because Representative told me they weren’t request for pay just codes to get my $300.00 refund request back to return my balance of $449.00 that was on the Cash App cash card. I was doubtful about the request. So I refund request for those requests.

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Investigate the transactions to you will I request refund on those request. Investigate the Representative who assist me today 7312020. Cash App should refund all refund requests. The Representative need to be held responsible for their performance.

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Thanatos (@thanatos)
1 year ago

I attached a photo from Cash App’s terms stating their one and only telephone number: 1-855-351-2274 I also attached a screenshot from after googling the key words “cash app phone number” highlighting the first result with the same 855 area code number as I mentioned above. You didn’t speak with Cash App representatives. You spoke with scammers. They played you by accessing your Cash App account after you called their fake customer support numbers, and you gave them your account info since you trusted that they were legit Cash App reps, but nope. They were scammers. Definitely make sure to… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Thanatos