Cash App complaint: My phone was hacked

Complaint from Mad@CashApp reported on 26 September 2023 about Cash App

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My complaint:

I filed for a loan on September 23, 2023 what I thought was a loan but it was a scam. They got access to all my phone information because they had me to download two apps that copied my phone and my phone information at that time they took $1000 out of my cash app linked bank and sent it to themselves so I contacted Cash App because my bank notified me as a fraudulent and shut my countdown immediately at my primary bank at that time Cash App told me they would investigate it 12 hours later.

They told me a I authorized it, and they refuse to do anything they are not responsible for anything. They basically told me they don’t insure our money. They basically just kept repeating when I talk to someone the email that she that I had got the same thing she wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise. She wasn’t helpful. She didn’t try to send me to someone who could help me maybe file a dispute about the dispute but I got no help.

They are very very unprofessional and there they let the IA do everything they refused to be hands-on this is not a good company it’s fast yes if if you’re doing stuff for Legal, it’s really good, but you know if you have a family live on disability like me and just lost all of your monthly income because of a scam it’s not good thank about it.

Suggested solution:

I would investigate it fully and I would refund my money. I’ve never sent that much money to anybody. You can look at my history and see that it is just it’s awesome how they don’t even care, but I would refund my money.

Cash App complaint My phone was hacked
Cash App complaint My phone was hacked
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