Cash App complaint: Major issues

Complaint from davisbranda78 reported on 06 September 2023 about Cash App

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My complaint:

I was paid $45 on an remove cashtag account and i have let cash support team all about this issue not receiving the payment of $45 the cashtag account that it was put on was removed from my profile and cash app kept giving the run around and then told me that im not getting my $45 that was sent to me on my old/removed cashtag of $LadyRavenHyde and i just wanted them to transfer it to my new cashtag account of $QueenRavenHyde0209 but they was so rude and inconsiderate about my issues and its been hard for me financially and when i finally make a lil money the sender sent the money to the wrong cashtag and cashapp ppl telling me they cant help me with my issue and say i will not get into that cashtag account of $LadyRavenHyde or the money in that account ever. I won’t get my money that is owed to me and not no where else. And this is the person that sent the money to wrong address and cant access any account that i made
I have more than 1 photo proof

Suggested solution:

I want my money of $45 be sent to my cashtag name $QueenRavenHyde0209 asap cause i made that money honestly and that person put on an old cashtag that I'm no longer have or get access to that account. I would love for them to apologize to me for being so rude and and uncaring support team and i would like an extra special gift option for free for the support team being so rude and cold and dwmanswd i wasn't ever getting that money or access to that cashtag account. PleAse help me get my $45 to my new cashtag account of($QueenRavenHyde0209) its so unfair to keep my money and illegal to hold or kept anyones money.

Cash App complaint Major issues
Cash App complaint Major issues
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