Complaint: Lost my first two stimulus checks and tax returns

on 06 March 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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I lost my first two stimulus checks and tax returns as a result of it being sent to the correct card but after a previous mishap with me being conned out of 160$ cashapp decided it was necessary to close my cash app card account yet happily accept my 1,871$ in federal tax returns and stimulus checks that im already receiving almost a year late. Im currently trying to merge the old acct. And routing info and card to my new card to no avail. My taxes were deposited Feb. 24th I used to use square at my business paying them their % due every step of the way with their card scanner and now, without even phone support, I will be using my privilege as a prominent lawyers son to engage a lawsuit over my damn 1,800$ and you can bet I’ll get an answer on the phone or in the court one. Not to even mention the 150$ last year that was canceled by cashapp for suspicious activity then never returned to me or the recipients card, 150$ gone to the wind and even with screenshots of the app glitching changing my payment status but not ever delivering I was greeted with a door open and shut manner or problem solving. They told me it would refund if it hasn’t already and that’s that. Regions, the bank of me and the recipient followed up the incident to again, no avail. You’ve costed me years as a card scanning service and now have stolen 2,021$ from me with no taxes and I will get my money. Email :

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I want my money back at least the 1,871$ and I want my other 150$ as interest and owed but this isnt judge Judy. I just want what's fair I have clear and cut proof of negligence to customers. The customer service is a joke I mean who doesnt have a phone line? Will never use again even when I'm paid my dues

Lost my first two stimulus checks and tax returns
Lost my first two stimulus checks and tax returns
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