Complaint: Getting the runaround to my issue.

on 17 November 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I had a card disbaled and a new one issued. Upon recieving my new card, i tried to activated it. During activation, cashapp app switched through all screens on app and then acted as if i didnt activated it and virtual card no longer showed up where the card is supposed to be on the app. Someone said it was now activated and issue was fixed, but now theres a completely different card on the account and they want me to wait 2 more weeks. I have been getting the runaround regarding my issue on activating this new card i have, automated responses that do not even touch on the subject, support employees not even reading my responses thoroughly as they should, talking about the card i already had disabled when i clearly stated i was not talking about that xard and going as far as giving the last 4 digits of the card i was talking about 10 times. Now, the last response i recieved, the employee stated they have no information for me and to look back on all the last resonses to solve my issue and to only contact them regarding a different matter, thus completely ignoring my need for real assistance. I have also gotten respinses from 20 different individuals

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Suggested solution:

Read my responses thoroughly and actually address the issue i have at hand instead of sending me automated responses. Activate the card that i literally just recieved in the mail that ive given them the number for multiple times. I also should not have to talk to 20 different employees and not one can fix my issue.

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