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on 31 July 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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Someone hacked my Cash App account and sent a request for $2950. I declined the request, but Cash App paid it without verifying my identification. I also went into Cash App and declined the transaction again, while selecting I didn’t authorize this transaction within minutes, but Cash App paid it to a hacker. I don’t know who the person is that requested my money. That person used my banking info in Cash App and hacked my checking account for an additional $6200.
Cash App now want me to ask the person for my money..I can’t ask or contact a fake person.

I have Cash App’s security on my app, and my cellphone require a thumb print to get into my phone, so I’ve taken a lot of safety measures. Cash App allowed a scammer to create an fake account to steal from their customer. The request was under one name, but the payout was under someone else’s name.
I have filed a police report,and Law Enforcement is involved because my bank was compromised. I was told by a detective today that they issued a warrant to Cash App for details about this hacker. I have a Police Report and a case number to support, I was hacked. I will take Cash App to small claims court if necessary, if Cash App do not refund my stolen money, that was done via Cash App.

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Cash App need to refund me my $2950, or I'm take them to court for my $2950 and $4000 in damages due to Cash App weak security system. I have all day to represent myself in court if it come to that.

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Thanatos (@thanatos)
9 months ago

Before calling the cops, you should have contacted your bank account that was linked to your Cash App. They would have refunded you and went after the hacker without the cops involved… If you’re using Cash App as a banking alternative, then you need to get scammed to learn a lesson on how to not leave your funds in an unsecured app that isn’t FDIC insured. Leaving thousands sitting in an app is asking for it — no pun intended! Of course Cash App is going to ask you to ask the hacker for a refund because Cash App can’t… Read more »