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on 10 October 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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I was sent money for my birthday and went into the app to accept the cash. After signing in, the app directed me to verify my information on the account. It lists three options to verify by: linked card, phone number, bank account. At first I tried to verify by typing in my bank account information for which they asked my routing and account number. The system did not accept it even though the information was correct and exactly as it appeared in my account. After trying this several times it took away the option to enter bank information and left me with just the phone number and linked card. I couldn’t enter my phone number because it would send a text to an old phone number and I no longer had access to that phone number so I was left with the only option to type in my card information which I ed and matched what I entered with what I saw on the card. After entering my card information, it said I had tried too many times to verify my information and to try again later. Well, that’s not right since I entered the correct information. So my next question was what does ‘later’ mean and how long should I wait for? 2 hrs? 10 hrs? 24 hrs? Ive done all of the following and it still says the same thing every time, that I need to try again later. At this point I contact support via email (they don’t have a phone number) and it has been a roller coaster from there. The cash app support team doesn’t even consist of real people. In fact, they are bots with different names who give scripted responses that don’t address and didn’t address my concerns. Where do I go from here? There is nowhere to go and cash app knows it. This is an attempt to delay and delay until you get tired of contacting them and just give up on trying to get your money. Unfortunately for Cash app they have run into the wrong person and they can expect litigation in these next few months. Since this problem that I’m complaining about isn’t unique to my situation and a lot of other people are experiencing the same or similar issues I am prepared to gather people for a class action because their rude awakening is past due.

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